Education and Specialty

Piyush Patel is a board certified Psychiatrist at Georgia Behavioral Health Professionals in the Stockbridge office.  Dr. Patel is also certified in child and adolescent psychiatry. Piyush Patel received his medical degree from the Emory School of Medicine. 

Awards, Service, Honors

Dr. Patel is the current president of the Atlanta chapter of the Indo-American Psychiatric Association.

Child and Adolescent Medical Services

Dr. Patel uses a bio-psycho-social approach for evaluation and treatment.  He takes a detailed history about past treatment, including what treatment worked for you or did not.  He spends time getting all necessary information to devise treatment plan that would work for the presenting issues. Dr. Patel provides comprehensive psychiatric evaluation and medical treatment for children and adolescents who need treatment for dealing with depression and anger, dealing with violence, behavioral problems at school, eating problems, difficulties adjusting to medical illness, family relationship problems, attention and hyperactivity troubles, development disorders.

Adult Medical Services

Piyush Patel also treats adults who need treatment for mood disorders, depression, bipolar disorders, pos-traumatic stress disorder, anxiety disorders, phobias, attention and hyperactivity troubles, grief and loss, psychiatry issues due to chronic medical conditions, and psychotic disorders. Dr. Patel does not specialize in treating geriatric patients and substance abuse or dependence patients.

Contact Information

Dr. Patel works at both the Stockbridge and Cumming locations. To schedule an appointment in Stockbridge, please call (770) 389-8100 for the Cumming office call (770) 886-5700.